Jamie ‘Jamie’ Synan

946293_480718665350712_846841791_nWhat’s your Favourite Neggae compilation album?
Telstar’s Ragga Heat, Reggae Beat.
I bought in for £3 in Woking Market.  My mum had a very relaxed attitude to Market piracy as it meant she didn’t have to fork out 8.99 for it in Our Price. At the time, I wasn’t all that interested in the majority of the tunes . The first two tracks were Sweat by Inner Circle and Oh Carolina by Shaggy. 3 quid well spent. I think I bought a moody copy of Janet by Janet Jackson the same day. Eclectic.

And you favourite other 90s music movement?
Through my pre pubescent years I liked some odd music. When I wasn’t buying 3 quid Janet Jackson’s I had a tendency to swap album price tags with singles to get cassettes on the cheap in Our price or Woolworths. Rebel!
One day I came home with a Kim Appleby album. My only rationale when my brother looked at me like I was some sort of whoopsy was that it only cost me 2 quid? Fair enough. The first cassette singles I legitimately spent my hard earned paper round money on were Whatever and Live Forever by Oasis. From here I was hooked on what would later be known as BritPop. Oasis, Blur, Dodgy, Ocean Colour Scene, Kula Shaker, Happy Mondays (second time round), Sea Horses, Starsailor, Charlatans, Bluetones  and the Verve. What’s the Story morning glory, Be Here Now (OASIS) and Urban Hymns (The Verve) and K (Kula Shaker) were my treasured albums. I listened to them repeatedly.

Favourite Neggae Banger… GO!
Shine by Aswad – The beauty is that its made by a UK artist and I think that epitomises what Neggae is all about. Its doesn’t pretend to be Reggae, its something quite different. Its up tempo and it has a rap about Ian Wright, Chris Eubank and Colin Jackson that me and my mates used to mimic down the park playing world cup doubles. Good times.

And who’s the Neggae villain?
The obvious answer would be Shabba Ranks, but i suppose you can argue that Mr. Loverman bought him a few points before he started believing his own hype and turning oout absolute cack. I’m going to say Suggs. Purely for being a greedy bastard, grabbing on to Neggae’s Coat-tails and knocking out Cecilia. Should have stuck to making Chelsea cup songs and presenting that live karaoke show with Barry from Eastenders. 

What’s you Neggae Guilty pleasure?
Searching by China Black- Its a belter. It makes no  sense. An Afro – Chinese Pop group recording Reggae Soul Music. Shouldn’t work yet it does.

Where were you the day the Neggae died?
Neggae will never die, timeless music is timeless music. If you want to know when I got a bit miffed with it all, I’d say 1995 when Sting and Pato Banton released this Cowboy Song. Did more damage than good and certainly turned my head in another direction.

Finally, some word association. Say the first five words that comes into your mind when you think of the other four Neggae elders.
Vince Big Brother and Neggae Curator
Norm Smokey BBQ, Seasoned Neggae Aficionado
Always on my case. Meh.
Jonny – Still hasn’t done his profile


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