James ‘James BC’ Bench-Capon

James and boyWhat’s your Favourite Neggae compilation album?
I had 100% Reggae volumes 1, 2 and 3. The best is definitely volume 3, side 1 – Shine, No No No, Mr Loverman and the dub version of I Like To Move It Move It are all on there as well as some more obscure treats like Tyson and Lt Stitchie.

And you favourite other 90s music movement?
I listened to a lot of Britpop but for this question I’m going to say Big Beat. Vocal sample + music sample + drumkit + cement mixer is an unbeatable formula.

Favourite Neggae Banger… GO!
Chaka Demus and Pliers – She Don’t Let Nobody. It’s the song that got me into neggae and although it’s not as upbeat as some of the other contenders, it’s the best showcase for the talents of CD&P and Sly and Robbie’s production.

And who’s the Neggae villain?
Snow. He got what he deserved.

What’s your Neggae Guilty pleasure?
I don’t necessarily consider him guilty, but looking at occasional comments from some of the other elders I’m going to have to say Suggs. I loved his solo album and will stick up for him in every review.

Where were you the day the Neggae died?
Neggae isn’t dead, just dormant, but as the first wave came to an end I was getting into Britpop and trying to ignore John Alford just like everyone else.

Finally, some word association. Say the first five words that comes into your mind when you think of the other four Neggae elders.
I’m new around here and I don’t really know them, but…
Vince – Asked me to join – thanks.
Norm – Lives in America, it’s cold.
Jonny – Sharp sense of humour, funny.
Gouldy – Bit harsh on Ellie Goulding.


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