Chris ‘Norm’ Lamont

eggWhat’s your Favourite Neggae compilation album?
This is going to be a pretty standard answer but it’s “The Best reggae album in the world… Ever!” I had so many of these I can’t actually remember what volume numbers they went up to. I do remember them getting some heavy rotation in the Fiesta, and when I got to Dawn Penn I would fast forward through that mess. Heavy playback on Shaggy, Chaka Demus and Pliers, Inner Circle, Jimmy Cliff and Ini Kamoze.

And you favourite other 90s music movement?
Favourite other 90s music movement (and why) Jamiroquai and the acid jazz movement was and still is legendary. Jay Kay with his hats and fast cars mixed in with a aboriginal didgeridoo (need spell check) was brilliant. I remember many a night in the Jazz mine grooving with my finger on the ceiling spinning around. It would be hard not to mention the Gallagher brothers and Oasis. I don’t think I need to expand on them really, just bloody brilliant.

Favourite Neggae Banger… GO!
Favourite Neggae Banger (and why) I have a couple on the top of my list but Shaggy and “Oh Carolina” is the best of the best for me. Shaggys unique style has some umph about it, makes me do the head bob and attempt to keep up with his pacey rap! Close behind Shaggy is Ini Kamoze with Here comes the hotstepper and Chaka Demus and Pliers with Tease Me.

And who’s the Neggae villain?
Ace of Base, Johnny Gill and the video producers for UB40

What’s you Neggae Guilty pleasure?
I love me some Jimmy Cliff, makes me happy and feel good about everything. Oh, I’m still rolling around laughing from Jonnys review of I Can see Clearly Now. Beautiful stuff.

Where were you the day the Neggae died?
Definitely the introduction of Peter Andre was not a good sign that this movement was going to last. Andre smothered the smoldering ashes that was Neggae.

Finally, some word association. Say the first five words that comes into your mind when you think of the other four Neggae elders.

Finally, some word association. Say the first five words that comes into your mind when you think of the other four Neggae elders.

Gouldy – Efficient, Blunt, PC, Musically-tuned, Kinnock
Atkins – Punctual, BBQ, Fitness, Golf, Southall
Jamie – DavidDickinson, Espana, DaftPunk, SamAllardyce, Sangria
Vince – Negfather, JK, Sweaters, DJ, CrystalPalace


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