Bitty McLean – What Goes Around

Release Date: Aug 94
Chart Position: 36

Bitty!! For F**** Sake!! I thought we had been through all of this already, what are you doing? An empty, soulless, tinny, nothing of a song. This is what happens when neggae goes bad and shows that once a neg Jedi gets a sniff at the dark side how easily they can turn. I can’t remember this first time round and I wish I had not heard it at all this morning, the world is not a better place because of this. I couldn’t even face the whole thing, at 2mis 20secs I’d had enough and in a fit of rage burst my Capri Sun all over the place.
The song is terrible, it has no development and the horn section sound like a type of cheap wedding band that Bitty has made chit chat with at his mates big day and his overinflated ego has offered them a role in his next recording. It’s drastically backfired. It goes round and around stuck in a seemingly never ending hell hole.
Give it a rest and turn it in Bitty……..1/10 from me….no more please, I don’t want to have to tell you again.

Bitty by name,  bitty by nature.
Sadly, it would seem that a side from It Keeps Running and to a lesser extent Dedicated To the One I love, Bitty is a perfect way to describe what initially looked like a promising career.
This is more MOR than the UB’s on a bad day. Its synthesized cheesy pop Neggae. It reminds of the sort of song S CLub 7 would whack on a montage whilst they were cruising around Los Angeles doing “friendy stuff” on a mad cap adventure.
The annoying thing is if it was stripped down and made slightly more authentic it might be a nice tune. The bass line is good but the keyboard its played on is horrible. As ever Bittys vocals are effortless but the content is nothing to shout about and to be honest I find everything else that’s going on annoyingly distracting. The synths are uncalled for and the beats are too plastic.
Its all a bit sickly. Bitty needs to be careful, he’s verging into Shabba territory.  A disappointing 4/10 from me.


Delroy Mclean aka Bitty is back at it with a rock steady, David Gower like song to quench our Neggae thirst this week.
Now, if only England would be a little more Bitty like and not Shabba Like we wouldn’t be 11-2 at tea on the second day of the Ashes at Trent Bridge.
The song opens up with good pace and incorporates some Bitty / Island rap (fast paced talking) complimented by some well balanced horns. For me 10 seconds isn’t enough. I enjoy the freestlye aspect of Neggae that has been missing over the last few weeks. The horns continue to delight as the song moves on. You can definitely feel the UB40 influence throughout but his vocals really mesh well.
I think we can agree that listening to Bitty is good. It’s good for the soul and after a few seconds of his Islandic tones, I’m feeling pretty good about life. After listening to this one a few times, I’m flying high, trying to do more around the house, be a better Dad and Husband, use the Big Green Egg better and generally be a better citizen because after all, What goes around comes around….
I’m also convinced that after listening to this song that Southampton have signed a gem from Celtic for the bargain price of $12m and we will be in the Champions League next year. That’s the power of Bitty Mclean aka Delroy or Andy Cole!
Thumbs up to Bitty for this one although it’s a shame that it only reached #36 in the UK charts. A real feel good song from one of the purest voices ever to grace the Neggae Hot 90. Lilt worthy and Maliibu worthy.
Official Neggae score 8/10

Whatever you say about Bitty McLean, you cannot fault the boy’s work ethic. If he wasn’t in the studio mastering tracks for his elders UB40, or running important errands for him (floral arrangements), he was rattling off Neggae hits every few months himself. It’s almost as if he knew the movement had a limited shelf life, so you can’t fault his almost protestant work ethic during 94/95.
Unfortunately, his QA lets him down a little bit – and Im noticing a worrying trend in the quality of his self-penned hits. He’s becoming a bit of a cover specialist on this chart – nothing wrong with that, just a shame that a young chap that was clearly talented couldn’t produce a Tease Me or a Sweat (a la la la la long).
The song itself is OK, with Bitty aiming at the carnival dancehall end of Neggae that UB40 succeeded with on C’est La Vie. In fact the production all round is very similar – this could almost be the b-side. I’m a bit of a sucker for anything produced in the House of Yowb – their trademark sound has a crisp, digital yet thoughtful approach to dancehall riddims. It’s disctinctly British. Another bonus for me on this song is the use of REAL horns – which we know all cost a few quid but my word you get that back. The trombone solo in particular is Ricoesque – stellar stuff.
I love the tabla and the drum drops – and the whole horn –led wigout towards then ewnd is charming too; reminiscent of Close To Me by the Cure. Bitty loses points for lyrical mundanity and lack of invention around song structure.
Score: What goes around? This song unfortunately. A bit too much. 6/10.

Running out of things to write about Bitty, I wish he’d knocked it on the head after ‘It keeps rainin’ as each release afterwards taints the legacy of that high point of Neggae. (Neggae Fact: His Nephew is footballer Aaron McLean who will next year play for Hull City in the English Football Premiership.) What to say about this song? Not a lot if I’m honest, the whole thing’s pretty humdrum to start with and not helped that a lot of the production seems to have used this for effects and been recorded on one of these. The opening line of ‘Bitty is here again’ now invokes fear and dread, I picture him delivering the line with a psychotic grin as he’s just smashed a hole in my front door with an axe. I would like to tell you what the lyrics are about but I keep dozing off. The fact that in an era when record companies wouldn’t blink at spending thousands on flowers for the artist but wouldn’t chuck Bitty a oner to record a sepia tinged video on an industrial estate speaks volumes. I’m not writing anything more about this, it’s shit.
1/10 – A rancid patch of smegma on the tip of Neggae’s magnificent penis.



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