Shabba Ranks Featuring Queen Latifah – What’Cha Gonna Do?

Release Date: June 93
Chart Position: 21

They say ‘good things come to those who wait‘; and we’ve only had to wait two weeks for another Shabba entry to come along. I’m not sure if this is good or not, but I am sure that this is not his worst effort to date.
No visual effects via a video this time, so we are left with simply to pick apart this rap heavy mix of music. It reached the dizzying heights of #21 in the UK charts, which sounds impressive at first. However when you consider in June 93 thatthe UK buying public would pick up anything even slightly islandic it’s not so great an achievement. That said, I enjoyed Queen Latifah’s entrance midway through the song. It saves the song from drifting into no-man’s-land due to Shabba’s trademark repetitiveness is. In my opinion, she should have been given an a larger role in this collaboration as Shabba’s limitations are exposed fairly early on.
For me, this is more nightclubby than BBQy; more vodka and Red Bull than Malibu and pineapple. By the end of it, I just wanted to bust out with the real  “What ya gonna do (when the come for you)” from the Bad Boys of Reggae, Inner Circle.
Score: Put our Money makin’ Jamaican down for 6.5/10 with a slightly better effort – the no video approach works in Shabba’s favor here!

We arrive at yet another Shabba release, he’s like the cockroach of Neggae, impossible to kill. This time he’s linked up with one of the members of seminal hip hop collective the Native Tongues, however not the groundbreaking De La Soul, pioneering Jungle Brothers or the upcoming A Tribe Called Quest, no he’s gone with Monie Love’s Nan, Queen Latifiah. The song starts off with Shabba chanting ‘what cha’ gonna do?’ repeatedly, my first thought was ‘try not throw myself out the window for the next 4 minutes’. He then goes on to chant nonsense for a couple of minutes, not really sure what he’s going on about and don’t care, pretty sure it’s not a proposal for World Peace. Queen Latifah comes in does a bit of a rap, it probably took her a journey on her stair lift to write it, meh.
The production isn’t neggae, it’s just a formulaic hip hop backing track which to my disappointment was done by Lakim Shabazz, you’ve let yourself down there Laki son. I realise that this is reading like the last ever diary entry of a manic depressive but he’s ground me down, Shabba’s defeated me, I now just grudgingly accept him, he’s the neggae equivalent of Income Tax.
Score: 2/10. Have a day off you prancing pissflap.

God this is woeful. 3 and a half minutes of muted, substandard US produced pop-rap, or as I like to call it; pap.
I’ve never been a fan of this type of dance music; the polished sheen of it has a distinctly US feel. There was a lot of it around in the early 90s, a kind of hybrid between New Jack Swing and US House. If there’s a bit of grit and boogie in the music it kind of outweighs the trebly freshness of the sound – I’m thinking Masters at Work or even George Michael’s Too Funky. Get it wrong, as has happened here, and it all sounds rather like the theme tune from the Ricki Lake Show.
Phoned in raps from Shabba and Queen Latifah don’t do much for the song either. I’m surprised it reached number 21.
Score: 1/10. I never want to hear this tripe again.

Was this on of the Boyz n the Hood soundtrack? Sounds more similar to that type Hip-Hop /Pop-Rap than it does reggae. This is not reggae, neggae or even feggae (fake reggae) and for that reason I am not gong to spend too much time on this. It’s an OK track I suppose but it does not stand out from anything else of the time. Shabba sounds good and his toasting is as we would expect, Queen Latifah also sounds great as she pipes up every now and again, but the bland, tasteless baseline and breaks make it sound just very average and I’ve already forgotten too much detail about it.
Score: A confused and puzzled why its on the list 3/10 from me

I suppose I was tempting fate last week.
There I was, highlighting the gloriously obvious differences between our new runaway kings of Neggae Chaka Demus & Pliers and the far less talented and more self obsessed Mr Ranks. “Take note messrs Ranks & Gill” I said, little did I know that this steaming hot pile of Jamaican Shit Cake would be served up in the week that followed.
Demus and Pliers have triumphantly staked a flag in their own new plateau, leading the way for anyone who dared follow. Ranks it seems has chosen not to, yet again. What goes up, must come down, with every tropical heat wave, there has to be an Edna or Katrina to follow in the Sunshine Isles, this wet season comes in the form of a homophobic sex pest doing his best impression of Foghorn Leghorn.
Shabba seems to turn up again and again like the habitual bad eggae of Neggae. This time with Queen Latifah in tow, obviously this recording was made prior to her epiphany that she can actually make more money from acting badly than rapping badly.

Whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do?

Turn you off , that’s what.Before I end up stamping on my laptop, repeatedly. My ears hurt and I cannot be doing with anymore of your b*llshit you rapey oddball. 45 seconds of listening to you repeating the same line over and over again is enough for most, and when it comes to Shabba, I’m less tolerant than most.
Go away.
Score: 1, because I liked Bringing Down the house. Sorry I just did.



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