Maxi Priest – One More Chance

Release Date: Mar 93
Chart Position: 40

Neggae to me is all about taking a new approach to Reggae by combining different genres and cultures, this falls badly short in those areas. This is chock full of clichés, very formulaic production (although there’s one little burst of strings that sounds like Soul II Soul) and humdrum ‘I love you baby’ style lyrics. The video has everything you’d associate with an eggy love song, white horse, beach, white horse on the beach, what a load of pony, literally.
Overall this is a downward spike in the neggae linear graph of progression, fortunately it didn’t deliver a fatal body blow to the genre.
Score: 2/10 – More sickly than Tropical flavor Lilt.

March 1993 saw the Neggae momentum continue apace, with this the second of four entries to chart that month. Luckily the two songs that follow were good enough to realign the movement after it was nearly derailed by this wet lettuce of a ditty.
It’s on the Hot 90 because of the artist performing it; but truth be told it’s MOR in Neggae’s clothing. A slushy, 90s ballad created to give people who don’t really like music something to put on in the background while they dine. I heard brief melodic references to Let’s Do it Again, but not enough to save this awful wretch.
As for the video, I have watched it three times now and still don’t get it. Is he the ghost? Is that his Dad? Is he a ghost too? But she vanishes, so she must be a ghost? Someone once said to me “Vince, you can never have too many ghosts in a pop music video”. Well, they were wrong.
I have no idea what the horses represent, but they reminded me of Spirit, a cartoon (and guilty pleasure) I have dozens of times with my son Dylan.
Score: 1 for reminding me of Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.

Pony! An instantly forgettable ballad. It feels as if it were written for a movie soundtrack to be used in that bit in the film when the guy finally realised that after she left he really did love her and he starts to understand how empty his life is without her….total shit!
Although I don’t remember this first time round I feel I’ve heard the melody a hundred times before. It is nothing new; I thought I was listening to a Boyz II Men B Side. This is a lazy and gutless performance that is light years behind the relative genius of some of Maxi’s other conquests, Fe Real, Fe One!
The video is equally pathetic, a predictable slow motion montage of a man mooching about thinking about the girl he’s just lost – at home, on the beach and bizarrely at a school with some kids. “Man up you tit and get back on that horse. There’s plenty more chicks out there! Oh and a word to the wise – stay away from those kids and that school otherwise things are going to get pretty dark and a whole lot worse for you! You Weirdo!!”
Score: 1/10

Not quite sure where to start on this one. Simply put, it’s boring and in my opinion doesn’t meet the criteria for neggae. If we throw this ballad into the mix at a BBQ, we’re all asleep by the end of the song.
I can appreciate Maxi’s vocal ability and is smooth as ever throughout. The video is a bit blah, nice white horse at the beginning, the rest of it, well, I don’t remember. Damn, I’m struggling with this review. Probably best if I stop now.
Score: 2/10

After the creative efforts of the previous Neggae entries, its difficult to view this song objectively. Comparing it to Oh Carolina or even last weeks Apache Indian effort would be unfair. Sadly it even falls down when compared to other Maxi Priest numbers.
The song has no identity, its overly eggy and its not Neggae. The first 2 bars are interesting, a string section which could pass as a Style Council B-Side. Sadly though from then on in it all goes a bit Micheal Bolton. Middle Of the road Power Balad. Not quite Reggae? Not quite anything really!
It smacks of an artist who has a) lost his artistic direction slightly b) let his management team make bad decisions on his behalf or c) both of the above. Its like when a pop Star runs out of gas and decides to churn out a “swing” album. Utter muck.
The video does nothing to redeem this melancholy plodder. No impact, noting to remember, just a moody Maxi bowling about like a mysterious Rasta cowboy who’s just been dumped by his missus. To be honest I’d have been more interested if he’d hung up his dreads, put on a dickie bow and bashed out Mack the knife with Micky Bubble, Robbie Williams or Westlife.
Score: Go away and try again Maxi. Its a 2 from me.



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